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Feb 6, 2002 Updated to reflect my move to Vancouver, my new email address and similar small things.
Jul 18, 1999 Added the general I/O Transformation (gIOT) to the Tcl/Tk pages.
Jun 28, 1999 Added a pure text version of my message to first-time posters.
Jan 05, 1999 Added section about my writings. Added essay about Compiled and interpreted languages.
Dec 20, 1998 Added PiTcl extension to the Tcl/Tk pages.
October Moved the pages from Westend GmbH to Oche.DE (IN Aachen). Left redirections at westend pointing to the new location.
Jun 7, 1998 Complete visual overhaul. More color (but without more pictures). Added a sitemap. Slight restructuring.
May 6, 1998 Added picture of myself to the Resume (this version never went public).
February 10, 1998 Added link to
November 17, 1997 Corrected links to Ascom Deutschland GmbH (Standort Aachen).
September 25, 1997 Pages updated to reflect change of employer, corrected a minor spelling problem in my resume too.
May 24, 1997 Revamped and extended. More online documentation, fleshed out personal things.
May 14, 1997 First stab at creation of a web area.

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