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Name Andreas Kupries
Address Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, (my public PGP key)
Born at August 15, 1967
in 48777 Willich 1, Germany
Nationality german


1973 - 1977 Grundschule im Muehlenfeld, Willich
(basic/elementary school)
8/1977 - 6/1986 St. Bernhard Gymnasium Willich
(high school)

Graduation: ``Abitur'' at 06/02/1986
Summary grade: 2.0
(highschool diploma)
9/1986 - 10/1992 Courses at ``RWTH Aachen'' (Northrhine Westphalia technical university Aachen)

Major subject: Computer science
Minor subject: Mathematics
11/1988 Vordiplom: 2.0 (B.S.)
10/1992 Diplom: 1.0 (M.S.)


10/1990 - 10/1992 Student worker at ``Lehrstuhl fuer angewandte Mathematik, insbesondere Informatik'' (Chair for applied mathematics, especially computer science).
Chair holder: Prof. Dr. Walter Oberschelp
11/1992 - 12/1992 Scientific worker at chair named above
01/1993 - 10/1997 Employee of ``Ingenieurbuero Kisters''. Development of software to support the work of hydrologists. More specifically:
  • Application for graphical visualization and manipulation of timeseries.
  • Application to support digitization of analogously recorded timeseries (sheets of paper).
  • Storage of timeseries data in relational databases.
11/1997 - 02/2001 Employee of ``Ascom Deutschland GmbH (Standort Aachen)''.
02/2001 - Employee of ``ActiveState Tool Corp.''.
Part of the Tcl Team.


Not much now, see Writings.

Other knowledge

Foreign languages: english

Computer languages: Tcl/Tk, Pascal, Modula, C(++), OCCAM, PROLOG

Development experience with Unix (Linux, AIX, Ultrix, DEC OSF, SCO) and Windows (MSVC++).


Reading, mostly SF&F, Computer security

Member of ``Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft (DLRG e.V)'', a German water rescue organization.

German grades

A note on german grades: They are of numerical value, in the range 1 ... 6. One is best, six worst. For more flexibility in grading suffixes + and - are possible. Numeric only indication of a suffix is addition/subtraction of 0.3 to/from the base value. Rough translations:

1 very good
2 good
3 satisfactory
4 enough/sufficient
5 unsatisfactory/poor
6 inadequate

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